About Jules

About Jules

Hi, my name is Jules or actually it is my nickname and my real one is Juliane. After spending some time in the USA as an Au Pair and a student my nickname somehow stuck – together with my love for food that is a little different. Also something I discovered in the USA.
What do have USA and good food in common?

Okay, I know the USA does not really stand for healthy food, more for Fast Food and chains like McDonald’s or Burger King. But at the same time superfoods, fitness trends as well as restaurants and stores that are customed for a niche audience. When I stepped into a Whole Foods supermarket for the first time I did not ever want to leave. Hour and hour I would walk through the aisles to discover the new possibilities.

But my love for good food and good ingredients certainly started even earlier. My mother was working and she used to cook for my brother and me. Often my brother and I would rather eat something else than would she cooked. So he and I started experimenting in the kitchen ourselves. Whatever was in the fridge was processed. Money was often scarce with a single mother, but what was never saved was good food. Of course there was not meat every day, but if there was meat of very good quality. This is something that is still very important to me today.

Everyone should deal with their food, how it is prepared and what it is made of. Better eat less, but pay attention to the quality. My recipes are exactly the same, sometimes more elaborate and in between the simple classics that can be prepared quickly and easily.

In addition to my love of good food, my love of good wine has been added over the years. Partly to blame is certainly one of my best friends, Sommélier Carine Patricio. Through her I was introduced to special treasures. Inspired by her love for wine, I began to get more involved with the product. Fortunately Carine likes to share her inspiration and is not tired of telling me about winemakers, growing areas and production. In the meantime some books about the topic have been added. It feels like it is never enough, the world of wines is just so incredibly diverse and exciting. There is always something new to discover.

Since I have a love for photography besides cooking and work professionally with digital media, a blog was very obvious. I resisted it for a long time because there are so many good blogs already. But in the end, I do it for myself and if there are a few that like my recipes, I’m happy. So Jules HappyHealthyLife was born. In the beginning most of my recipes were without gluten, because I did not tolerate it for a long time. By a consistent dieting this has meanwhile subsided. Meanwhile I can tolerate gluten in small dosis, although not always.

Life is too short for bad food or bad wine and both need not be complicated.

Surely there are many wonderful and inspiring food blogs. What makes Jules HappyHealthyLife special is me. I burn for good food and wine. Many blogs deal with food or wine, there are few that combine both. Hopefully my blog shows my passion and inspires.

If you are interested in co-operations with my blog our social media profiles please send me an email.